Militärhistorisches Museum der BundeswehrLandesamt für Archäologie - SachsenArchäologisches Landesmuseum Brandenburg im Paulikloster
1636 - Trailer

Exhibition & Excavation Team

There are a number of people involved in the preparation of the exhibition.

Bettina Jungklaus and Anja Grothe (Photograph: BLDAM)

Sabine Eickhoff and Ottilie Blum (Photograph: BLDAM)

Dr Sabine Eickhoff, Anja Grothe MA and Dr Bettina Jungklaus are responsible for the exhibition concept, its intellectual content and for writing the texts. The exhibition design, graphics and layout are in the hands of Dipl.-Des. Julia Junghänel and Ralf Opitz.

Karin Franz (Photograph: BLDAM)

Karin Franz MA manages the project and Jutta Boehme MA handles the public relations work. Ottilie Blum MA and Anne-Kathrin Mueller, two workplace trainees, conducts exhibition-related enquiries and deal with copyright issues.

Jutta Boehme (Foto: BLDAM)

The project team is supported and advised by Professor Dr Franz Schopper, Head of the Brandenburg State Archaeological Museum, and Dr Rainer Kossian.

The excavation in summer 2007 was carried out by:

Bettina Jungklaus - osteoarchaeologist; Anja Grothe - site director (Photograph: BLDAM)

Bettina Neese - site assistant (Photograph: BLDAM)

Silvio Scholz - archaeological surveyor (Photograph: BLDAM)

Frank Stoll - heavy machine operator and site assistant (Photograph: BLDAM)

Daniel Dosdall - site assistant (Photograph: BLDAM)

Arie Kai-Browne - student of excavation technology (Photograph: BLDAM)