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1636 - Trailer


Help children and young people to join in workshops and get onto the stage!

Become a sponsor and name a soldier!
33 life-sized red silhouettes of musketeers and pikemen are available for sponsorship! They feature prominently in both the design and the promotion of the special exhibition «1636 – Their Last Battle».

A silhouette can be sponsored for a donation of 100 € or more. All donations will go towards the funding of workshops for children and young people.

Here could be your name! ©BLDAM, Foto: W. Schulz

And here’s how it works:
choose a name from our lists: German names, Swedish Names, Scottish Names, fill in a sponsorship form and send it to the adress, which you can find into the formular. Once your donation has been received, you will be sent a sponsorship certificate and a donation receipt from the Archäologische Gesellschaft e.V. The name that you have chosen for the soldier, and your personal, society or company name, will then be engraved on a metal plaque and displayed on a silhouette. Prior to the opening of the exhibition you will be sent a photo of your soldier’s silhouette. Of course we hope to meet you at the exhibition!

Söldnersilhouette »Otto« in der Ausstellung.

Silhouette named «Otto» at the exhibition. ©BLDAM, Foto: A.-K. Müller

Your name will travel with the silhouette from venue to venue: after the first stage of the exhibition’s tour, in the State Archaeological Museum in Brandenburg on the Havel (March 2012 – September 2012) in the silhouette you have «adopted» will be displayed in the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection in Munich (October 2012 – January 2013), and in the Museum of Military History of the Bundeswehr in Dresden (March 2013 – August 2013).

Our thanks go to

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